Owner & chef Devin Gonzalez

Chef Devin Gonzalez’s love of cooking began as a child, watching his mother cook at home, and later refined working with talented chefs in California. Born in Dallas, Texas, he was surrounded by the rich flavors the Southwest, Northern Mexico, and the Gulf have to offer. After moving to San Diego, Devin was inspired to pursue his passion. Following a stint in culinary school, he was hungry for more. Devin found community and mentors, who encouraged him to move to the Bay to work. It was here, in San Francisco that he refined his chops in fine dining. Sourcing local ingredients and building relationships with farmers continues to be a cornerstone of Chef Devin’s seasonal cuisine. Chef Devin's passion for the flavors that he grew up results in dishes and menus that deliver outside the boundaries of expectation. His enthusiasm, creativity, and lively sense of humor are embodied in his food.   

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